At ultraHealth Agency we pride ourselves in our hiring process. One important element is our interview process. Prior to interviewing anyone, our recruiters take the time to thoroughly comb through each resume that comes in. On average, recruiters take 6 seconds to look at a resume. Not us. If they have the basic qualifications we take a closer look. A bulk of the interview process starts with the resume, and then phone interview. After that we bring in each qualifying candidate to meet our Director of Talent Acquisition and Director of Placement for an in person interview. It allows us to get to know who they are and vice versa. 

Today, this has become a challenge we can not overcome due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  So we adjusted. We decided to implement video interviews. It’s not ideal for our model, however the process up to this point has remained the same. 

It been about 3.5 weeks now since we have adopted this method and we have come to realize there are some unique advantages of doing this as well as challenges. Unlike our other challenges, we can overcome these. 

 Whether your team has experience with video interviews or not, it’s important to prepare yourself   for the adaptation of a digital interview process. In no way do we want to come across unprofessional. Having the ability to polish your process will help both the interviewer and candidate .

We’ve developed the following 5 tips for a successful video interview process plus a bonus tip: :

Make sure your equipment is ready to go

Do some research on what equipment you will need, and make sure that it is something that you , your team, and the candidate can easily use. We have been using zoom. We make sure ahead of time that the invite is easy to understand. Our connections are ready to go, and our mic and sound are clear. I will admit, initially I had some trouble connecting my ear pods! Right now we have a full house and everyone is working in some capacity. It’s loud, so it’s important to find a quiet place. Silence your other devices and mute notifications. . Understand what you need to connect. If possible try to logon early. In the event technical difficulties arise, have a backup plan. Something I’ve noticed is during this time many providers are offering free trials for video conferencing. Zoom allows for the first 40 minutes free! There are other platforms that are completely free such as Google Hangouts.

Understand your process

Understanding how you will conduct your interview is important. It’s even more important to convey this to your hiring team. Outline what will be needed during the interview. When we interview candidates we evaluate a few different qualities they may have. At the top would be : How do they come off when they interview? This matters because if they move on to the next step of the hiring process they will need to sit in front of the hiring manager. We are staffing nurses primarily. Most likely they will continue to interview via video conference. It’s important that they have a good presence and it’s properly projected during this virtual process. As the recruiter and interviewer it’s important that we help them with this. We are only able to do that if we know what we are looking for and at during the interview.

Keep your candidate in the loop

Make sure that your candidate understands your expectations, just as you would during an in person interview. This method is an adjustment in itself so its help to provide them with this ahead of time, preferably during the phone interview and reiterate it with a follow up email. Thank them for applying, give them the necessary information needed to logon for the video interview. Explain to them what you will be going over and for good measure offer them the opportunity to reach out if they have any questions prior to the interview; whether it be about the position or the video process. 


Even though this is a video interview, make sure you speak with your candidate the same way you would if they were right in front of you. Be aware of your body language and theirs as well. Sit up straight, keep eye contact, and nod when appropriate to show you are following along. Another important factor is dress. They can only see the top half so make sure it’s your best half! Looking presentable will make you look professional, and don’t forget to smile, it goes a long way! 

The Interview

We work in the healthcare space. Right now especially, it’s crucial that qualified people are finding work. They are needed more than ever. During our interviews we introduce ourselves, talk about who we are as an agency and how we are here to help them. If it’s applicable, highlight your company culture or core values. Talk about your mission and how you’ve helped in the past. Painting a clear picture of who you are will put them at ease. They will know they are in good hands and will want to work with you. Review your phone interview notes and continue to take notes. Give them the respect they deserve by being attentive, in a quiet environment, remain considerate and compassionate. Should there be a technical issue on their side, don’t hold it against them. We are all trying. Thank them for their time and let them know you will  be in touch. 

Optional: Implement a feedback process

If this is a new process it’s important to know what you did right and what you didn’t get so right. You can create a simple feedback survey. Keep the questions general, ask about how they felt , the technical process and what we could have done differently. This will allow you to improve your overall process as you go along. 

An important reason why we conduct in person interviews is because we focus on a particular area in Los Angeles, Ca. It has allowed us to maintain the growth we desire without compromising our quality to attention for each and every candidate. What we have found is that this will give us the opportunity to expand our business beyond the City of Angels. For ultraHealth Agency, we want to make sure we stay as true to our process as possible. This is just another way we are able to do so.