By Patrick Lloyd | 2020 WMBF.

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) – Conway Medical Center showed people its new robotic surgery machine Tuesday afternoon.

The machine is known as the da Vinci Robotic Surgery Platform. It can assist in many kinds of procedures, including weight loss surgery, but Tuesday’s presentation focused on how it helps give patients relief from hernias.

“In the United States of America, 800,000 inguinal hernias are fixed every year, and a half a million of every other kind of hernia is fixed every year,” Dr. Aaron Epstein said. “This is general surgery. This is what we do.”

Epstein gave Tuesday’s presentation. He said it’s important to note the surgeon is in control of the machine.

“I’m not walking out of the room and hitting an autopilot button and coming back when it’s done,” he said. “I’m actually putting my arms and forearms and my face into a three dimensional camera, and everything I do with my feet, my forearms, my wrists and my fingers is then transmitted to the forearms on the robot with different instruments that have pinchers, grabbers, cutters, pliers, everything I need to do to do an operation.”

Epstein said CMC just got the machines about four months ago, and they’ve since put them to good use. He noted he’s much more excited to come into work every day now that the machines are there.

There are some major benefits from using this technology.

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