The ultraHealth Agency Team
Dane Flanigan, Julia Samaniego, and Myke “The Guru” Wright

It’s interesting, great leaders are tasked with finding and retaining the right people. Sometimes these leaders choose to find the right people before they even execute their business strategy. This begs the question, What does it mean to work with the right people? What does it  mean to work with the best? 

The idea of  who the right or best people is actually quite simple. It means that the people that work in your company or organization  share a common set of values and care about the leader’s vision. It seems so simple! Unfortunately, traditionally this concept can be  difficult to put into practice. That is why it is the leader’s job to make sure your current staff share the company values and to make sure that your company has a hiring process that hires based on these values. It is also the leader’s job to make sure that they are recognizing individuals; when you make your staff feel that they are contributing to your work and vision you will find yourself surrounded with people that you love and who truly get what it means to work and perform in your company.

You will see leading from the front, making the hard decisions, and  recognizing the good work being done is 100% worth the effort.

Here are some ways your efforts can take effect:

1.     Make sure that you and the rest of your leadership team has discovered who you really are as an organization – what your core values are.

2. Make sure to have clearly communicated these values to the whole organization and made it clear that this is who we are as a company.

3. Incorporate these values into all your people processes (e.g., hiring, firing, rewarding, recognizing, managing, coaching, etc.).

4. Make sure to continue to communicate the values often and make them truly a part of who the organization is at its core.

Leadership development can be broad so  it needs to be clearly defined for business outcomes. The common denominator is teaching managers the fine art of people skills. After all, leading an organization is still mostly about people , your most important asset. Without mastering people skills, you simply cannot be a good leader. Developing the skills will allow you to connect with your staff and they will enjoy coming to work because they will see their contributions have helped execute both their leaders and company’s  goals.