Truth in Transparency

In January 2023, California enacted the Transparency Pay Law according to which, “employers include the pay scale directly in the job posting.” People looking for work can see exactly what is being paid for the position they are applying for. Is this a game changer or something that should be clear for any position?  An attorney once told me that the reason employment laws like this are put in place is due to a major issue. Most likely, the problem is that employees come in with one understating of the pay and are sold another. 

Companies want to save money on labor – people – and some are notorious for the old bait and switch routine. We call it the “car dealer mentality.” You wait until the end of the negotiation only to find that they are selling something that you were not expecting. Now not all companies are like this, and it is not right to generalize, but new laws have been enacted to stop such practices.

Pay validates the way people feel about their jobs. There is power in #negotiation , but when the tactics become anti-productive, we have an unmotivated #workforce . People start to work more for themselves than for the good of the company.

As employers, it is best know the numbers; also making projections for inflation, bonuses and employee appreciation as well as retention.  Relating these numbers to management and letting our team know that this is the defined budget for the new person being hired; being honest and upfront about expectations and compensation.

For their part, job seekers should feel comfortable asking questions regarding the compensation package both now and three years ahead. In the end, everyone should be prepared to walk away. There is no use working for an organization, where the business does not see the value in its people.

There is truth in transparency.

By Dane Flanigan

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The NFL’s Eric Bieniemy Dilemma

Eric Bieniemy is an #NFL offensive coordinator who has been interviewed 17 times with 16 different franchises for a head coaching position. Some have raised the question of racial bias by NFL owners. In fact, former players like LeSean McCoy have commented that with Bieniemy, it isn’t a matter of racial bias. Bieniemy is actually not a good play caller. Ross Tucker, in a conversation with ESPN’s Booger McFarland brought up the point that many NFL executives have confirmed that Bieniemy doesn’t interview well.  What does it mean not to be able to interview well? After multiple interviews with several teams and not securing a head coaching position, it is clear that something is wrong.

Photo by David Adamson

It is hard to bring prejudice or racial bias into the fray because some of these franchises have hired minority coaches in the past. It doesn’t mean there is no bias. Every organization, company, and person has a bias. Some are negative while others can be positive. At times, companies will hire me to supply diversity candidates for a position. So, if there is a good non- diversity candidate who is more qualified, will you hire them? The pendulum can swings both ways.

Ross Tucker also brings up how college age candidates for his internship programs interview extremely well, so why can’t Bieniemy. It is the case but people aren’t good at interviews.  They are nervous and get anxious when on the spot. Some feel that is an all or nothing scenario. Certain candidates have a hard time talking about themselves, letting people know what they have done in the past. Teams are missing out on good hires because for that one moment in time, it was not a good meeting.

There have been comments that Bieniemy doesn’t prepare for interviews. It is hard to fathom that this is the case for one big meeting and a certain dollar amount of salary. Some people do “wing it” and rely on the strength of their resume. They might be too busy at their current job to prepare for a future role, or they may be interviewing for several jobs at once and could be overwhelmed and therefore miss out.

All corporations have some kind of hiring issue. They miss out on good people and filter out those who may not be a good fit within their culture. It is not a perfect process, and it is hard to blame the #NFL while not placing some responsibility on Coach Bieniemy.

#ultra-Hiring tips:

Define the role and the goal of the position

#Culture – how is this person going to help improve the company morale

Outside It could be a headhunter, board member, consultant who provides a different point of view

Group Hire – make the hiring process a collective decision.

#Diversity – if we all are thinking alike, none of us is thinking at all.

#ultra-Interviews Tips

Practice with a friend, setup mock interviews and go over traditional as well as quirky questions. It helps to practice and be comfortable with the process.  

Research – every organization is in the news for something, even on their own website, as they are promoting new features, products, or specials.  

#Strategize – from what you have researched, how can you help this company? What is your short-term plan and how can it be relayed to help their long-term goals.   

#Fun – this business has dedicated time to listen to you and go over your accomplishments, so enjoy it.  

by Dane Flanigan

ultraHealth Agency

Multi State Licensing Increases in 23

Compact Licensing Impacts in Ohio

This year, Ohio has entered the compact state for nurse licensing. This means nurses from partnering states can work in states within the compact system as a multi-state license. It allows medical facilities to fill their needs from a larger pool of nurses within the system across the country.

As we know, there is a healthcare worker shortage. During the pandemic our country as well as the entire planet saw there are not enough people doing this great, heroic work. A group of states within the US have comprised a licensing system to allow nurses to work in other states to fill needs. Not every state is part of the compact system. For those not in the system, nurses must either apply for a temporary or a full license until they are permitted to work in that state (in a medical capacity.)

Nurses enter the travel arena to see the country and make additional income. Medical facilities compete for their services; and at times during the year when there is an increase in patients, the rates in some cities / states will be higher than others. As such, it creates a competitive market for services nationwide.

For a travel nurse, it’s a real opportunity. I’ve heard terrific stories about nurses traveling to far away cities for an assignment and loving it. It’s about the new terrain, meeting new people and the facility along with the pay. It becomes a way to enrich one’s career and add experience.

Recently, upon speaking with the Ohio Medical Board, I found that their transition time to a multi-state license is around 45 days with a cost of a little over one hundred dollars.

Most nurse want to get up and go and use the licenses they have. Applying for other state licensure can take time, and it is an additional cost; but the niche markets created do not last forever. Although applying for a multi-state license as well as niche licensing can be worth it because there can be a higher demand at times. 

When a nurse has the down time, applying for state license is plus. If you apply for a state license that is a part of the compact system, you can open the doors to travel to a plethora of states. Also applying to states that are not in the compact system makes sense as well because they have a high need. They are not in the system to pool nurses nationwide so they must rely on the nurses that have the current license or that apply for new ones. We have a number of opportunities in states like New YorkMichigan and Connecticut that are not a part of the system we also have states such as Ohio and Texas that are a part of the system.

If we can ever help with travel contracts or just general questions, please give us a call 877.390.0992

Stay ultra!

Dane Flanigan

Keys to Negotiating Pay

There is always hesitation about how to negotiate compensation, especially when interviewing for a corporate position. Chester Karrass famously coined the phrase, “In Business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” It is so true. Oftentimes, compensation is not about what we deserve or have worked for, but on what it says in the contract we had negotiated. There are keyways to approach the compensation conversation before you accept a position.

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Know the #MarketRate

The best-case scenario is not to be persuaded by the hiring manger or the HR department. One may love the position along with the company and the people, but it is best to think long term and ponder on what is being asked of you both on a mental and physical workload. Knowing the numbers helps. What are other people in the similar positions around the industry making and is the total pay consummate with the package you have been offered? At times, pay is not aways about a dollar value: it may be stock options, benefits, and tuition reimbursement all of which have a dollar value that may not be reflected in a paycheck. It is also good to take in the geographic location as some markets have a higher cost of living that should be reflected in the pay.

Working with a #Recruiter

If a corporation can save money on labor, they will do it. It is good to have a representative present to help ensure the candidate’s best interest. The HR person and hiring manager are all working for the company, but a recruiter may be hired and compensated by the company as a 3rd party representative. Normally the fee is not paid until one accepts the job and has been working for a period.

Recruiters are also a great resource to ask about market numbers and review your compensation package. They have a vested interest in your success not only in this position but also in building a good report with the hiring company for future business. And they have experience working with other organizations most likely in the same field.

#Hire an Attorney

A lot of people cringe at the idea of hiring a lawyer given the cost. A well-informed employee attorney can guide you through the pitfalls of a bad agreement. Some contracts contain language and clauses that can be misconstrued and confusing. Thus, it is very uselful for someone who works with these issues to be called in. Yes, the cost can be high, but in the long term, it affords peace of mind, knowing that you have a professional looking over your paperwork.

You get what you negotiate. It is helpful to know the market to be comfortable when accepting a position with a total compensation package. It is also helpful to have a trusted advisor. Recruiters are there to ask questions , get answers, and understand the company. It is, an asset to hire an employment attorney, who will read over contracts and go through the language of the agreement. In the end, one should be happy with their new position, the organization and the pay so they can take steps to excel in their career.

By @Dane Flanigan

  Understanding Per Diem Travel

What is GSA for those working over 50 miles from their permanent residence. The General Services Administration defines it by the zip code and term of the year for both lodging and meals. To make things more transparent to our contract employees, we combine the per diem and salary with the explanation that a portion of the salary will be untaxed.  

IRS on travel

Some agencies will break this out such that your per diem for lodging and meals appears to be separate. It makes it seem like it is more, but it’s not. It comes down to the same numbers in your paycheck. For clear accounting and understanding of pay, combine the numbers to find the total compensation package.

An example

Travel contract pay per month:  $10,000 (defined in the contract, the agency and client’s budget)

City: Los Angeles using zip code 90032

Permanent home: San Francisco (more than 50 miles distance)

Year: 2023

Housing: $182 per night

Meals: $74 (breakfast $17, lunch $18, dinner $34, incidentals $5)

  • Hourly: $62.50
  • Daily per diem: $256
  • Weekly per diem $ 1,792
  • Total weekly compensation: $2,500
  • Total compensation per month: $10,000
  • Untaxed portion of income: $7,168 will not be taxed; the balance $2,832 will be taxed.

For any given area in Los Angeles, $256 should be enough to cover lodging and food along with incidentals or living expenses per day. Defined by the GSA.

There may be advertisements that read:  $2,000 -3,000 PLUS PER DIEM!

This the exact same job with the exact same numbers, but the numbers here look better because you are getting 20% more. The numbers are still the same, but the representation and break down is different. You should always ask about the total guaranteed hours per week and the total per diem per week. Then you will have a true picture of the compensation.

Note: there may be other factors that will add to the compensation such as holiday pay, overtime, on call, and call back. In any and every instance, one should confer with their CPA to see how this effects your taxes and reporting to the IRS.