Eric Bieniemy is an #NFL offensive coordinator who has been interviewed 17 times with 16 different franchises for a head coaching position. Some have raised the question of racial bias by NFL owners. In fact, former players like LeSean McCoy have commented that with Bieniemy, it isn’t a matter of racial bias. Bieniemy is actually not a good play caller. Ross Tucker, in a conversation with ESPN’s Booger McFarland brought up the point that many NFL executives have confirmed that Bieniemy doesn’t interview well.  What does it mean not to be able to interview well? After multiple interviews with several teams and not securing a head coaching position, it is clear that something is wrong.

Photo by David Adamson

It is hard to bring prejudice or racial bias into the fray because some of these franchises have hired minority coaches in the past. It doesn’t mean there is no bias. Every organization, company, and person has a bias. Some are negative while others can be positive. At times, companies will hire me to supply diversity candidates for a position. So, if there is a good non- diversity candidate who is more qualified, will you hire them? The pendulum can swings both ways.

Ross Tucker also brings up how college age candidates for his internship programs interview extremely well, so why can’t Bieniemy. It is the case but people aren’t good at interviews.  They are nervous and get anxious when on the spot. Some feel that is an all or nothing scenario. Certain candidates have a hard time talking about themselves, letting people know what they have done in the past. Teams are missing out on good hires because for that one moment in time, it was not a good meeting.

There have been comments that Bieniemy doesn’t prepare for interviews. It is hard to fathom that this is the case for one big meeting and a certain dollar amount of salary. Some people do “wing it” and rely on the strength of their resume. They might be too busy at their current job to prepare for a future role, or they may be interviewing for several jobs at once and could be overwhelmed and therefore miss out.

All corporations have some kind of hiring issue. They miss out on good people and filter out those who may not be a good fit within their culture. It is not a perfect process, and it is hard to blame the #NFL while not placing some responsibility on Coach Bieniemy.

#ultra-Hiring tips:

Define the role and the goal of the position

#Culture – how is this person going to help improve the company morale

Outside It could be a headhunter, board member, consultant who provides a different point of view

Group Hire – make the hiring process a collective decision.

#Diversity – if we all are thinking alike, none of us is thinking at all.

#ultra-Interviews Tips

Practice with a friend, setup mock interviews and go over traditional as well as quirky questions. It helps to practice and be comfortable with the process.  

Research – every organization is in the news for something, even on their own website, as they are promoting new features, products, or specials.  

#Strategize – from what you have researched, how can you help this company? What is your short-term plan and how can it be relayed to help their long-term goals.   

#Fun – this business has dedicated time to listen to you and go over your accomplishments, so enjoy it.  

by Dane Flanigan

ultraHealth Agency