For hard working, ever charging Americans, the thought of vacation can be a daunting task at times. There are the schedules of the immediate family and other people to consider, the best days to take time off from work, and, of course, the cost. But let’s also consider that vacations help us be more productive at work and more in tune with the family after a break. Everyone’s personal and home life can benefit.

Vacations technically start when you get on the plane. But vacations really start when you begin thinking about where to go. The creative juices churn, as the mind begins to think outside the box. The limits are endless: why not go to Greenland and hang out in an ice castle hotel for two months…Yeah, we can do that when the kids are grown and married, and we are six months into retirement.

In business, we try to create, low cost, high impact plans. A Superbowl advertisement this year seems out of the question, so we look at other ways to reach the same audience of potential customers. We must think about taking time off in the same way: low cost – high impact. Let’s take a mental break and not dedicate a ton of time to fantasy budgets.

Vacations don’t have to be elaborate getaways to wherever United or American Airlines can take us. Yes, we all want two months of unfettered relaxation in an ice castle; but at times, the Saturday daytrip for a few hours to a local town can be quite fun.

For those mini-vacations and daytrips, we just have to change our mode transportation. Trains are exciting, and then there is biking, hiking, and even the bus. Try walking or hiking there and taking an Uber back. Thinking how to get there can be just as much fun as the journey itself because we are researching and learning about new neighborhoods.

Once we arrive, we can explore unique small shops, interesting restaurants, and parks or trails if we are love a challenge. It is all about leaving work behind. Focus mode on your iPhone works great. What if you can’t be reached for a few hours!

Vacations allow our minds to relax just by planning and being creative. At times, that way of thinkings allows us work out the encumbrances. Once we let our minds wander off, we can focus more on work as we come back a little more refreshed and ready for both our family and our jobs.