The main objective of Health Care facilities is to take care of people. Even if the hours are 9am – 5pm there are still calls, duties and responsibilities outside of working hours. There are those health care facilities that operate a 24/7, 365 day business. For a business to run this way they need staffing, they need people that will make up both a quality workforce and caring medical practitioners.

In California there is Title 22, a patient to caregiver law stating the ratio of patients to nurses. Most 24/7 facilities had trouble adhering to the law before the Covid-19 outbreak. Now, during this pandemic, these health care facilities are scrambling to find good people.

The function and role of Human resources is a full time job consisting of many tasks. Most healthcare facilities are not set up to do this on a full-time basis on a large scale. Generally, they are understaffed and forced to use outdated equipment in a high demand market.  How do they compete? How can they reach quality caregivers in a crisis never seen before?

We created Hire Now to help health care facilities deal with their staffing shortfall and provide valued health care professionals to employ. We focus on every aspect of the process, from beginning to end, no task is too small or too big. This ranges from finding the candidates,interviewing them, handling the credentialing process, and the overall marketing. Each step is important in its own right. It all counts toward the end goal; placing qualified candidates with facilities who have a need for staffing.

The Hire Now program is not a replacement for a company’s human resources. It is meant  to supplement and assist with their current process by alleviating some of the time consuming tasks. It will help these facilities tremendously  to have dedicated professionals working tirelessly to find the correct person for your business.