A good recruiter should have something to offer you in finding you the next part of your career, ensuring the compensation offered matches your goals and you will fit with the management style of the new company.

Often, there are just recruiters clicking boxes. Seeing if you have this degree or that certification, a certain number of years of experience along with a good job history. What a good recruiter must do is understand the position, talk with you as the candidate to make sure you are going to comfortable in your new role.

More recruiters should think of themselves as good bartenders. There to listen to the patron to find out what kind of drink the candidate is looking for. They should also understand the drinks they are able to prepare with the ingredients they have available. Their job is not to get the patron drunk or just find them ‘a job’ the key is to ensure this drink matches to the way the customer wants to feel. Will this job continue to serve the candidate and the company in the future.

Dane Flanigan is one of the best recruiters because like a good bartender he understands the candidate’s palate. It does matter if that person is finding a job online or introduction from a collogue or friend. He defines his role as building a repour with the job poster and the candidate, let’s get the best person possible.

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