As the travel healthcare market heats up and full-time staff takeoff for holidays and vacations, our medical professionals look to travel around the world. Preparing for these lucrative and interesting assignments, there are a few details to consider. Where we are going is key, plus the weather, and of course the payrate details in the contracts.  

The destination: remote and high acuity facilities normally offer the higher paying positions, especially during the winter. The three to five days you do work can be extraneous, but knowing the facility and your job duties are vital in the interviewing process. Part of the interview is doing the homework on the facility and having the ability to ask the hiring manager about the details.

The weather: fun in the snow may be your thing, or it may be a weekly drive to a neighboring city. It is important to keep in mind in either case that climate plays a big factor in being able to get around.  As a traveler, one is hired to be on time, without delay or excuses. If there is a snowstorm or ice road slick, the facility still has patients who need care. Preparing for these unexpected consequences is part of being a traveling professional.

Pay rates: Yes, some recruiters are not clear about they determine their rates. It is important to get a clear picture of the guaranteed hours before signing off on a contract.  One thing to keep in mind is that overtime may be an option, if available, but it is not always a guaranteed part of the expected compensation. Ask questions about what happens during a low census period. Also GSA per diem travel numbers are a solid basis to help you know what you should be getting paid for hotel and meals if traveling more than 50 miles from your house.

The goal with any job or contract is to have fun doing what you love – taking care of people. It doesn’t hurt to make money as well. As we prepare the winter contracts, make sure to look at the destination, know the weather, and read the full contract as concerns the travel rates. Our winter contracts are available here as well our permanent positions:  UltraHealth Agency Jobs

by Dane Flanigan

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