Finding The Right People

It’s interesting, great leaders are tasked with finding and retaining the right people. Sometimes these leaders choose to find the right people before they even execute their business strategy. This begs the question, What does it mean to work with the right people? What does it  mean to work with the best?  The idea of  […]

Why a Recent Grad Could Be Your Best Candidate

In our line of work, we have found so many great candidates with so much potential yet many positions out there require some experience for certain jobs, this is especially true in healthcare. When considering your next hire, consider hiring a recent college graduate, it could be just the right decision for your company. Below […]

Staffing post Covid-19

Staffing post Covid-19 will be a shift in Healthcare like no other.  The need for job fulfillment of positions such  physical therapists, occupational therapists, and even speech therapists have been put on the back burner the last few months, and the demand had shifted toward the need for respiratory therapists among ICU physicians and nurses, […]

Control and Culture in the Workplace

Culture within a business is not spontaneous. It is deliberately cultivated and created. Organizational culture consists  of different  behaviors that  can include routines, rules, and the overall identity within a professional environment. Culture is used as a means of controlling behavior, providing stability, and the employees sense of belonging. Individuals who disrupt cultural controls within […]

How Healthcare Leaders Can Build Exceptional Teams

Building a healthcare team with the right diversity of skill sets is an ongoing challenge for healthcare organizations. Various studies show that advances in medicine and technology are reshaping how healthcare jobs are done, specifically jobs where organizations need employees with more specialized skill sets. The Rising Need for Nurses:  The U.S. Bureau of Labor […]

Balancing Operation and Internal Staff Management

The healthcare industry has always had to operate under a certain amount of pressure. This is especially true for Healthcare administrators struggling to balance both operations and internal staff. There are incredible levels of stress you simply wouldn’t  find in other professions and its very likely that pressure will only go up. So, what is […]

5 Things Healthcare Professionals Should Do When Negotiating Contracts

1. Know Your worth: Before considering a new position or negotiating an employment contract, it’s important to take a personal inventory of yourself as well as skillset and know your worth. What are your special skills? Do you have any professional certifications? What skills obtained from previous employers can you bring to your new employer and enhance […]

Smile! We are Here to Help

Life Changes Fast A few short months ago, we cut the ribbon to open our office in Pasadena, California. Now, we’re on quarantine; since we can’t adjust the winds, we’ve had to adjust our sails. But, it’s times like these that reveal how far we are willing to go to serve our customers and clients. At ultraHealth […]