ultraHealth Agency Outlines Steps to Help Nursing Homes During Covid 19

We’ve been working closely with our senior living clients who’ve all responded exceptionally to COVID-19. Some measures we’ve seen them take are: Providing personal video messages from the CEO and leadership teams to keep residents educated about the development of COVID-19 within their respective communities. Testing Facilities Teams are leveraging iPads and other handheld technologies to […]

5 Tips for a Successful Video Interview

At ultraHealth Agency we pride ourselves in our hiring process. One important element is our interview process. Prior to interviewing anyone, our recruiters take the time to thoroughly comb through each resume that comes in. On average, recruiters take 6 seconds to look at a resume. Not us. If they have the basic qualifications we […]

Knocking it Out of the Park: Medical Staffing to Fight COVID 19

ultraHealth Agency in Pasadena, Ca just announced their new hiring initiative called HIRE NOW. They will be able to provide staffing for hospitals and care facilities for a one set fee. They will provide quality talent at a valued price.  The world is experiencing a crisis like no other. It is important that we adhere […]

Guru Newsletter

The World Will Be A Fantastic Place There is a simple proverb told in the countryside of South India.If two good people coming from opposite directions are walking on the same narrowfootpath, there will be three roads. If there is one good person, there will be two roads. If both are bad people, there will […]

Pasadena Medical Staffing Company Launches Pay-Later Hiring Program to Combat Coronavirus

A Pasadena-based medical staffing company that connects medical professionals with hospitals and specialty care facilities has launched a new hiring program where these facilities can hire quality talent now and pay a set fee later. ultraHealth Agency company officials said they started the program, called Hire Now, in response to the increasing need for more […]

How Medical Staffing is Helping in the Battle against Covid-19

Our home state, California have taken steps to lessen the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, so that the healthcare system won’t be overwhelmed by new patients. Right now nurses across the country are at the frontline of this pandemic. At a time where they should have every resource at their disposal […]

ultrahealth agency on the move

A Focused Approach to Medical Staffing

ultraHealth Agency, is an exciting medical staffing company that truly focuses on a white glove approach. ultraHealth came to fruition after seeing gaps in the market not being filled and the healthcare professionals looking for work feeling undervalued. We are changing that, we have a very human approach to recruitment and are candidate focused. We […]

Why Care Facilities Struggle in Human Resources Why Hire Now Was Created

The main objective of Health Care facilities is to take care of people. Even if the hours are 9am – 5pm there are still calls, duties and responsibilities outside of working hours. There are those health care facilities that operate a 24/7, 365 day business. For a business to run this way they need staffing, […]