ultraHealth Combats Covid-19

ultraHealth Agency has announced a set fee for the hiring of medical staff during this time of worldwide crisis. The Pasadena, California based company that focuses on elite staffing of medical professionals says that they realize the importance of staffing for hospitals and care facilities. \”Above all we are here to help and although we […]

Hearts Kept Alive For 24 Hours Outside Body Could Save Thousands

At present, doctors need to transplant hearts within four hours after it was donated because, beyond that time, heart tissues start to die. The breakthrough new system, however, increases the time six-fold of such donor hearts remaining viable. Compact enough to be put inside a carry-on suitcase, this will allow doctors to transport live hearts across […]

Happening at the Agency

A Proper Introduction ultraHealth Agency, is an exciting medical staffing company that truly focuses on a white glove approach. ultraHealth came to fruition after seeing gaps in the market not being filled and the healthcare professionals looking for work feeling undervalued. We are changing that, we have a very human approach to recruitment and are […]

Down syndrome

A guide to Down syndrome including symptoms and diagnosis of this genetic, chromosomal disease.Feb. 25, 2020, 11:29 AM PST / Source: TODAYBy Ronnie Koenig Chances are you have met someone with Down syndrome, one of the most common chromosomal conditions. But there’s a lot to learn about it beyond its physical traits. For one thing, individuals with Down syndrome […]

Mediterranean diet linked to gut microbiome improvements

Tarini Shankar Ghosh, Ph.D., New research has found that older people who adhered to a Mediterranean diet for a year had healthier gut microbiomes and improved measures of frailty.  new study shows that older individuals who follow a Mediterranean diet have better gut health and reduced frailty. Mediterranean-type diets — rich in vegetables, legumes, nuts, […]

Conway Medical Center showcases new robotic surgery machine

By Patrick Lloyd | 2020 WMBF. CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) – Conway Medical Center showed people its new robotic surgery machine Tuesday afternoon. The machine is known as the da Vinci Robotic Surgery Platform. It can assist in many kinds of procedures, including weight loss surgery, but Tuesday’s presentation focused on how it helps give patients […]

2020 New Year’s resolution: How to eat better and master your nutrition

BY LAUREN STEELE “Lose weight,” “eat less junk food,” and “stick to a diet” top plenty of New Year’s resolution lists, but many experts say that these goals may set unrealistic expectations and set you up for failure before February even hits. Instead, doctors and registered dietician say that a more sustainable approach to managing weight, feeling good, […]

Practice healthy holiday eating

by Natalie Allen / New Missouri State Education Announcer:                        The Missouri State Journal, a weekly program keeping you in touch with Missouri State University. Emily Yeap:                        The holidays present us with an abundance of food, so it’s easy to overeat. To avoid eating too much and packing on extra pounds, it’s helpful to make a […]

Walmart Expands Healthcare Business

Walmart opened its first freestanding health center in September, and the company has hired a new executive to help the company grow its healthcare business. The retail giant’s first standalone clinic, called Walmart Health, opened Sept. 13 in Dallas, Ga. The 10,000-square-foot clinic offers a variety of services, ranging from primary care to labs to […]