consultative approach

The goal of the ultraSolutions is to be a help for your office and alleviate some of the human resource and marketing. It is a tool help offices get back to work and gain momentum, it’s supplemental coverage of what you are already doing and do be guideline to help your facility and generate revenue. ¬†There are two separate packages on a month to month retainer.

  • HR ultraSolutions:

Designing a system that matches your office or clinical needs for hiring. Our consultative approach asks when does your business fall short of not having enough staff or spends too much on being overstaffed.

  1. Creating a pool of local on demand assistance, helping you hire staff when needed
  2. Sales and revenue training for office staff maximizing the clinical revenue
  • Marketing ultraSolutions :¬†
    1. Social Media Marketing
    2. Content Creation
    3. Brand Recognition