Multi State Licensing Increases in 23

Compact Licensing Impacts in Ohio

This year, Ohio has entered the compact state for nurse licensing. This means nurses from partnering states can work in states within the compact system as a multi-state license. It allows medical facilities to fill their needs from a larger pool of nurses within the system across the country.

As we know, there is a healthcare worker shortage. During the pandemic our country as well as the entire planet saw there are not enough people doing this great, heroic work. A group of states within the US have comprised a licensing system to allow nurses to work in other states to fill needs. Not every state is part of the compact system. For those not in the system, nurses must either apply for a temporary or a full license until they are permitted to work in that state (in a medical capacity.)

Nurses enter the travel arena to see the country and make additional income. Medical facilities compete for their services; and at times during the year when there is an increase in patients, the rates in some cities / states will be higher than others. As such, it creates a competitive market for services nationwide.

For a travel nurse, it’s a real opportunity. I’ve heard terrific stories about nurses traveling to far away cities for an assignment and loving it. It’s about the new terrain, meeting new people and the facility along with the pay. It becomes a way to enrich one’s career and add experience.

Recently, upon speaking with the Ohio Medical Board, I found that their transition time to a multi-state license is around 45 days with a cost of a little over one hundred dollars.

Most nurse want to get up and go and use the licenses they have. Applying for other state licensure can take time, and it is an additional cost; but the niche markets created do not last forever. Although applying for a multi-state license as well as niche licensing can be worth it because there can be a higher demand at times. 

When a nurse has the down time, applying for state license is plus. If you apply for a state license that is a part of the compact system, you can open the doors to travel to a plethora of states. Also applying to states that are not in the compact system makes sense as well because they have a high need. They are not in the system to pool nurses nationwide so they must rely on the nurses that have the current license or that apply for new ones. We have a number of opportunities in states like New YorkMichigan and Connecticut that are not a part of the system we also have states such as Ohio and Texas that are a part of the system.

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Stay ultra!

Dane Flanigan