Healthcare staffing and recruiting companies play a crucial role in the medical industry. Among the various positions they recruit for,Administrative Assistants stand out due to their multifaceted roles. Let’s delve into the specifics of the job and understand why it’s so vital.

1. The Essence of Staffing and Recruiting Agencies

Staffing and recruiting agencies likeultraHealth Agency are elite institutions that believe in fostering a robust work culture. Serving cities globally, these companies have a significant impact on shaping the workforce of various industries, including healthcare^1^.

2. The Role of an Administrative Assistant in Healthcare

An Administrative Assistant in the healthcare sector is responsible for supporting the financial team, obtaining vendor quotes, and tracking purchases. They also play a crucial role in vendor management, ensuring that vendor agreements align with the organization’s interests.

3. Key Responsibilities

3.1 Vendor Management

The assistant acts as a liaison, ensuring smooth communication between the vendor management team, procurement, business stakeholders, finance, and external suppliers. They maintain proper documentation and records to support audit requests.

3.2 Coordination and Compliance

They assist in coordinating periodic vendor business reviews and monitor vendors’ contractual compliance. They also help in developing and editing departmental documents, further enhancing administrative functions.

4. Compensation and Benefits

The compensation for this role usually is $25 per hour, which sums up to $1,000 per week or $4,000 per month for a 40-hour workweek. After 60 days, full benefits kick in, including healthcare, dental, 401k, time off, and vision coverage.

5. Work Schedule

The projected start date for the role is typically specified in the job description. The usual work schedule is from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, with the option of remote work one day per week.

6. Required Skills and Certifications

Experience with Oracle PeopleSoft Financial and contract lifecycle solutions is usually required. Additionally, a minimum of two years of experience in procurement-related activities is preferred, including PO generation, invoice reconciliation, and vendor management.

7. The Recruitment Process

The recruitment process typically begins with a review of the resume to match the candidate’s qualifications with the job requirements. This is followed by a phone conversation to discuss the position and the candidate’s suitability.

8. The Importance of Culture-Driven Solutions

Staffing and recruiting agencies focus on developing culture-driven solutions that not only provide top-tier candidates but also add value to the company. They strive to match the right person with the right job, be it for permanent or contract work.

9. Speciality Groups

These agencies often have specialty groups focusing on sectors like healthcare, project management, executive application management, and hospitality. They take pride in their partnerships with employees and medical facilities, standing by their quality and the effectiveness of their execution.

10. Global Staffing

These agencies staff professionals globally for local and travel contracts, enabling them to source professionals and executives who are credentialed, compassionate, and accomplished.

11. The Interview Process

The interview process is prioritized to truly get to know the candidate, ensuring they feel comfortable and will be competent and dedicated in their role.

12. The Impact of Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistants play a crucial role in staffing and recruiting agencies. They not only manage administrative tasks but also contribute to the overall growth and success of the organization. Their role is instrumental in maintaining the smooth running of operations and fostering a culture-driven work environment.

In conclusion, the role of an Administrative Assistant in a healthcare staffing and recruiting agency is multifaceted and vital. They not only support the financial team but also play a key role in vendor management and coordination. Their contributions significantly impact the success of the organization.