Dane Flanigan, the CEO of ultraHealth Agency, stands as a pillar of resilience and compassion in these challenging times. His relentless efforts in helping healthcare facilities combat the COVID-19 pandemic are commendable.

The ultraHealth Agency: A Pioneering Force in Healthcare Staffing

The ultraHealth Agency, under the astute leadership of Dane Flanigan, is making strides in the medical staffing domain. The California-based organization has a commendable track record of recruiting high-quality healthcare providers, both locally and nationally.

ultraHealth Agency

The agency’s mission is driven by a deep-seated desire to bridge the gap between healthcare facilities in dire need of skilled professionals and capable, compassionate healthcare providers. This noble quest has led to ultraHealth Agency’s active involvement in helping hospitals in Texas combat the escalating COVID-19 crisis, primarily instigated by the Delta variant.

“There is a sense of urgency not only in Texas but also around the globe. We are here to help and become a part of the solution.” – Dane Flanigan, CEO of ultraHealth Agency

The Current Healthcare Scenario in Texas

According to the Texas Department of State Health, the state is witnessing a surge in COVID-19 cases, with 13,457 new confirmed cases and 100 fatalities reported on a 7-day average. The situation has led to a drastic increase in hospitalizations, with the healthcare community grappling with overwork and hospital rooms quickly filling up.

The rising crisis is eerily reminiscent of the pandemic’s peak in 2020 when the colder climate forced people indoors, leading to a surge in cases. Recognizing this critical situation, ultraHealth Agency is actively recruiting resident nurses and respiratory therapists for contract work, focusing on individuals with extensive experience in intensive care units and the broader healthcare field.

ultraHealth Agency’s Decisive Role in Houston, Texas

One of the commendable missions that Dane Flanigan and his team at ultraHealth Agency have undertaken is their extensive recruitment drive for RNs and LPNs for Memorial Hermann in Houston, Texas. The agency partnered with a local staffing agency, Arch Staffing, to source some of the best nurses in the area.

Through constant communication with the hospital, the ultraHealth Agency managed to understand the immediate needs and responded with a swift recruitment plan. The team also conducted frequent visits to the area to raise awareness about the necessity of more caregivers and broaden their recruitment network.

Dane Flanigan’s Recruitment Process

Flanigan’s recruitment process is characterized by thoroughness, starting with a comprehensive review of the resume, followed by a phone discussion about the position and the candidate. After a detailed evaluation, the candidate is then submitted for consideration.


Dane Flanigan’s approach to recruiting in the healthcare industry is both refreshing and effective. His focus on individual suitability, thoroughness, and industry awareness ensures that both the employer and the employee benefit from the placement.

Dane Flanigan and the ultraHealth Agency are undoubtedly helping reshape the healthcare job search process, creating mutually beneficial relationships between healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities.

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“It’s not just about filling a position, it’s about creating a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your future employer.” – Dane Flanigan

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