In the ever-evolving world of culinary arts, the demand for the perfect blend of talent and experience is always high. One key player who’s been stirring the pot in this competitive arena is Dane Flanigan, a seasoned recruiter known for his knack for spotting the best in the business. His collaboration with the ultraHealth Agency has made waves in the restaurant industry, perfecting the art of culinary recruiting and job placement.

Dane Flanigan: A Connoisseur of Talent

Flanigan is not just a recruiter; he is a connoisseur of talent. His deep understanding of the restaurant industry, coupled with his instinct for recognizing potential, has allowed him to excel in the field of culinary recruiting. His association with the ultraHealth Agency has been a testament to his expertise, as they have consistently placed the best people in the restaurant business.

The ultraHealth Agency: A Catalyst for Culinary Excellence

The ultraHealth Agency has carved a niche for itself in the world of staffing and recruiting. They believe in culture, serving cities worldwide with their bespoke recruiting services. One of their standout achievements has been the successful placement of an Italian Chef in Atlanta, a testament to their proficiency in matching culinary expertise with the right opportunities.

The Italian Chef Placement: A Case Study

The Atlanta-based private restaurant client needed a chef proficient in Italian cuisine. The responsibilities were manifold: ensuring excellent food quality, planning the menu, overseeing kitchen operations, coordinating kitchen staff, training staff, and managing ingredient and equipment stocks.

The compensation offered was $87,000, along with several benefits such as health insurance, a 401K plan, a home financing program, and an education loan program. The client was also open to relocation. This was a golden opportunity, and Flanigan, with his knack for recruiting, was just the right person to fill this role.

In the end, Flanigan’s recruiting prowess ensured the successful placement of an Italian Chef who was not only trained in Italian cuisine but also shared the client’s vision and passion. The process involved a thorough review of resumes, phone conversations to discuss the position and candidate, and finally, candidate submission.

Looking for Work? Dane Flanigan Can Help

If you’re a culinary professional seeking to explore new horizons, Dane Flanigan can help you find the perfect match. His deep understanding of the restaurant business and experience in recruiting makes him the go-to person for chef placement. Whether you’re an executive chef or a culinary enthusiast just starting your career, Flanigan can help you make your mark in the industry.


In the world of culinary arts, finding the right talent is a challenging task. But with Dane Flanigan and the ultraHealth Agency, restaurants can rest assured knowing that they have the best people working for them.

Flanigan’s expertise in recruiting and understanding of the restaurant business ensures that he can find the perfect chef for any establishment. His successful placements, including the Italian Chef in Atlanta, speak volumes about his capabilities.

So, whether you’re a restaurant looking for the perfect chef or a culinary professional looking for the right opportunity, reach out to Dane Flanigan and the ultraHealth Agency. They can help you find the perfect match.

How to Get in Touch

Getting in touch with Flanigan and the ultraHealth Agency is as simple as sending an email. Interested candidates can send their details to They can also call 877-390-0992 for more information.

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