Jobs in Finance Law: How to Secure a Top Attorney in Los Angeles

Navigating the complex world of finance law in Los Angeles can be a daunting task for businesses and individuals alike. With a bustling economy and thriving legal market, securing a top attorney with specialized expertise in financial services is crucial. With academic institutions like Cal State LA providing robust finance and legal education programs, the city offers a rich pool of talented professionals adept in corporate law, asset management, and advising law firms. Understanding the value and importance of these roles is paramount in the landscape of finance law jobs, where precision, efficiency, and strategic thinking are key assets.

When it comes to hiring—an essential function for organizations seeking growth and compliance in the financial sector—Los Angeles stands as a fertile ground for recruiters and businesses to find their legal aces. This article delves into the intricacies of securing a finance attorney in the competitive Los Angeles market, from understanding the detailed hiring and interview processes to the nuances of what defines the role of a finance lawyer. Prospective employers and recruiters, including industry professionals like Dane Flanigan, will gain insights into salary expectations and how to leverage the search for legal experts to optimize their operations within the realms of finance and corporate law.

The Hiring Process Explained

Securing a finance law job in Los Angeles is a multifaceted process that hinges on a candidate’s legal education, bar admission, and relevant experience. Prospects often begin their journey by gaining practical knowledge through internships or entry-level positions infinance law firms or related organizations. This foundational experience is crucial in understanding the intricacies of finance law and positions candidates competitively in the job market.

A strong professional network is instrumental in the hiring landscape, and building connections within the finance law field can significantly amplify one’s chances of landing a coveted role. Job seekers typically embark on their search through various channels, including job search websites, law firm websites, or engaging with legal recruitment agencies, which are common avenues for discoveringjob opportunities.

The hiring process for finance attorneys in Los Angeles typically unfolds as follows:

  1. Job Posting: Firms may advertise open positions on their own websites, job boards, or legal-specific platforms, detailing the position’s responsibilities and qualifications.
  2. Application Submission: Applicants submit resumes and cover letters, which are then meticulously reviewed by recruiters or hiring managers to identify candidates that align with the firm’s needs.
  3. Initial Screening: Following resume screening, candidates may be invited for interviews, which could take place in-person, via video conference, or over the phone.During interviews, firms assess candidates’ technical knowledge, practical experience, and their potential cultural fit within the organization. Questions are often designed to evaluate not just the legal acumen but also the applicant’s ability to contribute to the firm’s ethos and values, including diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

    Organizations such asWilshire Law Firm, The Capital Law Firm, and Latham & Watkins are among those actively recruiting for finance law-related positions in Los Angeles, reflecting the city’s dynamic legal market. Firms like Reed Smith LLP, which values diversity, recruit from a broad spectrum of candidates through on-campus interviews, job fairs, and write-in applications. They also provide support for travel and hotel accommodations, with a clear system for expense reimbursement, ensuring a candidate-focused approach during the hiring process.

    By adhering to these structured steps, recruiters and candidates alike can navigate the hiring process with clarity and precision, fostering successful placements that benefit both the legal professionals and the firms they join.

Interview Process for Finance Lawyers

In the pursuit of securing top finance law talent in Los Angeles, the interview process is a critical gateway to assess the suitability of candidates. Those eyeing positions within this competitive field must exhibit a blend of technical skills and soft skills, as firms seek individuals who not only possess strong analytical abilities and professionalism but also conscientiousness and the capacity to foster strong relationships. A deep understanding of case law, financial data, and legal documents, combined with proficiency in legal and business-related software, sets the groundwork for a successful career in finance law. Experience in financial services, credit analysis, and financial modeling further enhances a candidate’s appeal to potential employers.

The interview journey for finance lawyers typically unfolds in two stages:

  1. First Round of Interviews:
    • Conducted by one or two practice group leaders.
    • Focus on assessing the candidate’s foundational legal knowledge and experience in finance law.
    • Candidates should be prepared to discuss their CV in detail, emphasizing specific experiences and transactions that align with the firm’s practice areas.
  2. Second Round of Interviews:
    • Involves a panel of four or five additional attorneys, including both partners and associates.
    • Each session ranges from 30-45 minutes, allowing for a deep dive into the candidate’s qualifications and potential cultural fit within the firm.
    • Candidates are expected to articulate their interest in the firm and practice group, often referencing specific transactions or matters that resonate with the firm’s portfolio.Preparation is paramount for candidates aiming to impress during these interviews. Researching the law firm and its practice group is crucial, as it enables candidates to tailor their responses to reflect the firm’s background, client base, recent news, and strategic developments. Additionally, candidates should be ready to discuss why they are drawn to the specific firm, perhaps highlighting particular transactions or matters that exemplify their interest and expertise.

      To effectively convey their experiences, candidates are advised to practice describing 4-5 recent matters they’ve worked on, ensuring their explanations are concise and relevant to the firm’s practice areas. Behavioral questions are a common component of the interview process, and candidates can benefit from using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) or SOAR (Situation, Obstacle, Action, Result) formats to organize and articulate their responses. Practicing these responses aloud, whether in front of a mirror or through a mock interview, can bolster a candidate’s confidence and delivery.

      When addressing weaknesses, a strategic approach is to focus on areas of improvement rather than deficiencies that could hinder performance as an associate. It’s essential for candidates to prepare meaningful questions that demonstrate a specific interest in the firm and practice, steering clear of queries about training, billable hours, or compensation until the offer stage. This demonstrates a candidate’s genuine interest in the firm’s operations and culture, rather than just the benefits or logistics of employment.

      For those aspiring to join the ranks of finance attorneys in Los Angeles, the interview process is a testament to their readiness to navigate the complexities of finance law. With the right preparation and understanding of what firms are looking for, candidates can position themselves as valuable assets to their prospective employers.

Understanding the Role of a Finance Lawyer

Finance lawyers in Los Angeles operate at the intersection of law and finance, providing expert advice and legal services that are essential to the functioning of the financial markets. Their roles and responsibilities are diverse, reflecting the complexity of the financial sector they serve. The following points outline the key aspects of their roles:

  • Representation in Financial Transactions: Finance attorneys represent either lenders or borrowers, ensuring their clients’ interests are protected during the negotiation and drafting of loan agreements and other financial documents. This representation is critical in establishing fair and legally sound agreements between parties involved in financial transactions.
  • Specialization in Finance Law: These legal professionals may specialize in various subfields of finance law, such as:
    • Banking Law: Dealing with the regulation of banks, bank officials, and financial services.
    • Project Finance: Involving the financing of infrastructure and industrial projects.
    • Structured Finance: Relating to complex financial products that require in-depth legal structuring.
    • Transportation Finance: Focusing on agreements and transactions related to the transportation sector.
    • Asset Securitizations and Derivatives: Covering the creation and handling of asset-backed securities and derivative contracts.
  • Key Responsibilities: The day-to-day responsibilities of a finance lawyer in Los Angeles include:
    • Advising issuers and investors in financing transactions.
    • Ensuring clients comply with securities laws.
    • Negotiating and drafting loan agreements.
    • Working on multiple projects simultaneously, which requires exceptional organizational skills and the ability to multitask effectively.
  • Skills and Qualifications: To excel in this field, finance lawyers need a particular set of skills and qualifications:
    • Attention to Detail: Precision is vital when dealing with complex financial documents.
    • Numerical Proficiency: A strong grasp of numbers and business concepts is essential.
    • Documentation Skills: The ability to create clear, concise, and legally binding documents.
    • Relationship-Building: Good interpersonal skills help in building and maintaining professional relationships.
    • Educational Background: A Juris Doctor (JD) degree and passing the California bar exam are fundamental requirements.
  • Market Demand and Specializations: The demand for finance lawyers in Los Angeles correlates with the health of the economy. During strong economic periods, there is a high demand for attorneys with a keen interest in business and meticulous attention to detail. Specializing in areas like securities law, bankruptcy, or mergers and acquisitions can make candidates particularly attractive to employers.
  • Local Practice Nuances: Practicing finance law in Los Angeles comes with its unique aspects:
    • Local firms and organizations often have specialized finance law departments.
    • The job market for finance law professionals in the city is dynamic, with various opportunities in corporate finance, securities regulation, and financial restructuring.
    • Average salaries for finance law professionals in Los Angeles reflect the city’s status as a major legal market.In summary, finance lawyers in Los Angeles are integral to the fabric of the city’s financial and legal landscape. They play a pivotal role in advising clients, structuring deals, and ensuring regulatory compliance, all of which are essential in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the financial markets. With a strong educational foundation, specialized knowledge, and the right skill set, finance attorneys in Los Angeles are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the financial world, contributing to the city’s reputation as a hub for finance and law.

Salary and Compensation Expectations

In the competitive landscape of finance law in Los Angeles, compensation packages for attorneys are reflective of the high-caliber expertise demanded by the market. Salary expectations for finance lawyers in the city and across California vary widely, influenced by factors such as experience, specialization, and the economic climate. Here’s an overview of the financial remuneration that finance lawyers can anticipate:

  • Average Salary Insights:
    • The average annual salary for a Finance Lawyer in California stands at$148,272, with a spectrum that stretches from the lower percentile at $59,708 to the upper echelons where salaries can reach as high as $297,552.
    • Specifically in Los Angeles, finance lawyers can expect an average salary of around$162,000, positioning the city as a lucrative market for legal professionals in the financial sector.
  • Salary Ranges and Market Activity:
    • The salary range for most finance lawyers in California typically falls between $87,300 and $176,700, indicating room for growth and progression within the field.
    • However, the job market for Finance Lawyers in the state is not highly active, suggesting that those seeking positions may face less competition but also fewer opportunities.
    • Despite this, California still ranks 3rd out of 50 states for Finance Lawyer salaries, underscoring the state’s position as a leading hub for legal talent in finance.
  • Top Earners and Related Roles:
    • For those at the pinnacle of their career, the top 90th percentile of Finance Lawyers in California see annual earnings of $238,337, demonstrating the potential for substantial financial reward in this profession.
    • There are also related roles within the legal finance sector that command higher salaries, such as Banking Attorney, Non-Profit Attorney, and Commercial Finance Attorney, suggesting alternative career pathways for those with a legal background in finance.When considering the full compensation package for finance attorneys in Los Angeles, it’s important to note that salaries can range from $120,000 to $350,000 or more. This variation is based on several factors, including the size of the firm, the candidate’s level of experience, and prevailing market conditions. Additional benefits that enhance the overall compensation package may include:
  • Comprehensive Benefits:
    • Health insurance, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage, ensuring peace of mind for attorneys and their families.
    • Retirement plans and flexible spending accounts, providing long-term financial security and tax-efficient savings options.
    • Professional development opportunities, bonuses, and other incentives that foster career growth and recognize performance.For instance, a Finance-Banking Attorney position in Los Angeles may offer an expected annual pay range of $250,000 to $345,000, complete with afull range of elective benefits to support the attorney’s personal and professional needs. This highlights the city’s commitment to attracting and retaining top legal talent through competitive remuneration and a culture-driven approach to benefits and work-life balance.

      In summary, finance lawyers in Los Angeles and across California can anticipate salaries that reflect their vital role in the financial services industry, coupled with a benefits package designed to support their holistic well-being and professional advancement.


The journey to securing a top finance attorney in Los Angeles, with its unique blend of sophisticated market knowledge and legal prowess, culminates in the recognition that these professionals are pivotal to navigating the complexities of the financial legal landscape. Their specialized skills ensure that both businesses and individuals are well-represented and compliant within the regulatory framework, reinforcing the city’s reputation as a nexus of finance and law. As we have explored, the path to becoming a distinguished finance lawyer in Los Angeles is multifaceted, demanding excellence in education, networking, and practical experience.

For those looking to make an impactful addition to their legal team, or individuals seeking to advance their careers within this vibrant sector, the support of seasoned recruitment professionals can make all the difference. To facilitate this process and connect with a network of top-tier finance attorneys ready to elevate your operations, do not hesitate tocall ultraHealth Agency. Together, we can forge relationships that not only meet the high standards of Los Angeles’s financial legal field but also drive forward the continual advancement of industry practices and professional successes.


1. Which legal specialties are currently experiencing the highest demand?
Legal fields such as intellectual property law, family law, immigration law, real estate law, and corporate law are consistently in high demand. Additionally, the areas of intellectual property law, data privacy and cybersecurity law, litigation, and labor and employment law are rapidly expanding and seeking skilled attorneys.

2. In California, which type of lawyer earns the highest salary?
In California, lawyers who specialize in complex and highly sought-after fields like intellectual property, corporate law, or technology law tend to receive higher salaries than those working in less specialized areas of law.

3. Who are the top-earning attorneys?
The attorneys with the highest earnings are typically those who specialize in areas such as:

  • Patent law, with an average income of $180,000.
  • Intellectual property (IP) law, with an average income of $162,000.
  • Trial law, with an average income of $134,000.
  • Tax law, with an average income of $122,000.
  • Corporate law, with an average income of $115,000.4. What steps should I follow to become a financial lawyer in California?
    To pursue a career as a financial lawyer in California, you should:
  • Obtain an undergraduate degree.
  • Take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).
  • Apply and get accepted into law school.
  • Earn a Juris Doctor (JD) degree.
  • Pass the California Bar Examination.
  • Apply for membership in the State Bar of California.

ultraHealth Agency: A Pioneer in Recruitment for Interim Leadership in Boston

ultraHealth Agency, a distinguished staffing company, holds a well-deserved reputation for its commitment to nurturing a culture-focused work environment. Renowned for its expertise in recruiting interim leadership, the agency has recently announced a contract position for a Nurse Manager in Boston. This role’s key responsibility will be to oversee a treatment care facility for a term of 13 weeks.

The Role and Responsibilities

The Nurse Manager will be instrumental in building a skilled team of nurses, ensuring round-the-clock on-site nursing coverage to support medication compliance and symptom monitoring. They will take charge of all nursing operations, focusing on the quality of patient care.

Key responsibilities will also include:

  • Training: Coaching the unit staff on the latest updates and changes in medical aspects related to substance use, withdrawal management, and behavioral health diagnoses.
  • Policy Development: Collaborating with the Chief Nursing Officer, Medical Director, Psych Consultant, program leadership, and the Director of Operations to formulate and revise policies.
  • Patient Care: Leading the nursing staff to work alongside clinical and direct care staff to meet the daily physical and health care needs of patients.
  • Budget Monitoring: Overseeing compliance with nursing and medication budget, which includes staffing, scheduling, productivity analysis, and supply costs.
  • Utilization Review: Supervising the nurses’ responsibilities in utilization review and working collaboratively with the Billing Assistant and insurance reviewers in utilization review procedures.
  • Crisis Management: Providing crisis assessment, prevention, and intervention during scheduled hours and offering on-call coverage on a rotating basis.

This position comes with a salary of $12,500 per month, and the candidate may need to work on holidays. No more than five RTO days will be accepted.

Qualifications and Certifications

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications and certifications:

  • License: Massachusetts RN
  • Certifications: ACLS (American Heart Association), BLS (American Heart Association), and EMRE Hana
  • Experience: A minimum of five years of acute care experience and two years of supervisory experience. Previous work experience with individuals who are unhoused and prior experience in harm reduction and trauma-responsive patient care is preferred. The candidate should also be able to train on a Unit and work on the floor if required.

The Interview Process

ultraHealth Agency adopts a systematic approach to the interview process, which includes:

  • Resume Review: The resume is thoroughly reviewed to match the client’s qualifications.
  • Initial Discussion: A conversation via Zoom is held to discuss the position and the candidate.
  • Candidate Submission: The candidate’s profile is then submitted for further review.

The Rising Trend of Interim Leadership

Interim leadership is gaining acceptance across the business world. These individuals offer a unique competitive edge, especially during times of market turbulence and transformation. An interim leader’s ability to navigate through challenging waters and drive change can significantly impact the business’s growth trajectory.

When a company faces exceptional challenges, external expertise becomes essential. Interim leaders are often hired in situations like restructuring due to drastic market shifts or handling crises related to scandals, public relations, or severe accidents. They are well-equipped to handle geopolitical uncertainties and revise supply chains for better efficiency, cost optimization, and improved cash flow.

The Impact of Interim Leadership

The past few years have put a tremendous strain on leadership, leading to gaps in key leadership roles due to illness, fatigue, and business uncertainties. Interim leaders play a significant role in business continuity by temporarily filling these key roles in the leadership structure. Their extensive professional track records allow them to step into caretaker roles without disrupting the business.

ultraHealth Agency: A Reliable Partner

ultraHealth Agency has received rave reviews from professionals who have worked with them. Julia and her staff’s professionalism, attention to skills and desires, flexible scheduling, and competitive pay have been highly appreciated. Their patience, confidence, and optimism make them a preferred choice for many professionals. The team’s professionalism, organization, and customer-centricity are also highly commended.

Final Thoughts

ultraHealth Agency is a trusted partner for businesses looking to navigate the challenging landscape of recruiting and staffing. Their expertise in recruiting interim leadership in Boston reflects their commitment to serving cities around the world. With a culture-driven approach at the heart of their operations, they ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for both the recruiters and the candidates.

Whether you’re a business looking for an interim leader or a professional seeking an exciting opportunity, ultraHealth Agency’s proven track record, and unwavering commitment to quality make them the ideal choice.

Truth in Transparency

In January 2023, California enacted the Transparency Pay Law according to which, “employers include the pay scale directly in the job posting.” People looking for work can see exactly what is being paid for the position they are applying for. Is this a game changer or something that should be clear for any position?  An attorney once told me that the reason employment laws like this are put in place is due to a major issue. Most likely, the problem is that employees come in with one understating of the pay and are sold another. 

Companies want to save money on labor – people – and some are notorious for the old bait and switch routine. We call it the “car dealer mentality.” You wait until the end of the negotiation only to find that they are selling something that you were not expecting. Now not all companies are like this, and it is not right to generalize, but new laws have been enacted to stop such practices.

Pay validates the way people feel about their jobs. There is power in #negotiation , but when the tactics become anti-productive, we have an unmotivated #workforce . People start to work more for themselves than for the good of the company.

As employers, it is best know the numbers; also making projections for inflation, bonuses and employee appreciation as well as retention.  Relating these numbers to management and letting our team know that this is the defined budget for the new person being hired; being honest and upfront about expectations and compensation.

For their part, job seekers should feel comfortable asking questions regarding the compensation package both now and three years ahead. In the end, everyone should be prepared to walk away. There is no use working for an organization, where the business does not see the value in its people.

There is truth in transparency.

By Dane Flanigan

ultraHealth Agency

The NFL’s Eric Bieniemy Dilemma

Eric Bieniemy is an #NFL offensive coordinator who has been interviewed 17 times with 16 different franchises for a head coaching position. Some have raised the question of racial bias by NFL owners. In fact, former players like LeSean McCoy have commented that with Bieniemy, it isn’t a matter of racial bias. Bieniemy is actually not a good play caller. Ross Tucker, in a conversation with ESPN’s Booger McFarland brought up the point that many NFL executives have confirmed that Bieniemy doesn’t interview well.  What does it mean not to be able to interview well? After multiple interviews with several teams and not securing a head coaching position, it is clear that something is wrong.

Photo by David Adamson

It is hard to bring prejudice or racial bias into the fray because some of these franchises have hired minority coaches in the past. It doesn’t mean there is no bias. Every organization, company, and person has a bias. Some are negative while others can be positive. At times, companies will hire me to supply diversity candidates for a position. So, if there is a good non- diversity candidate who is more qualified, will you hire them? The pendulum can swings both ways.

Ross Tucker also brings up how college age candidates for his internship programs interview extremely well, so why can’t Bieniemy. It is the case but people aren’t good at interviews.  They are nervous and get anxious when on the spot. Some feel that is an all or nothing scenario. Certain candidates have a hard time talking about themselves, letting people know what they have done in the past. Teams are missing out on good hires because for that one moment in time, it was not a good meeting.

There have been comments that Bieniemy doesn’t prepare for interviews. It is hard to fathom that this is the case for one big meeting and a certain dollar amount of salary. Some people do “wing it” and rely on the strength of their resume. They might be too busy at their current job to prepare for a future role, or they may be interviewing for several jobs at once and could be overwhelmed and therefore miss out.

All corporations have some kind of hiring issue. They miss out on good people and filter out those who may not be a good fit within their culture. It is not a perfect process, and it is hard to blame the #NFL while not placing some responsibility on Coach Bieniemy.

#ultra-Hiring tips:

Define the role and the goal of the position

#Culture – how is this person going to help improve the company morale

Outside It could be a headhunter, board member, consultant who provides a different point of view

Group Hire – make the hiring process a collective decision.

#Diversity – if we all are thinking alike, none of us is thinking at all.

#ultra-Interviews Tips

Practice with a friend, setup mock interviews and go over traditional as well as quirky questions. It helps to practice and be comfortable with the process.  

Research – every organization is in the news for something, even on their own website, as they are promoting new features, products, or specials.  

#Strategize – from what you have researched, how can you help this company? What is your short-term plan and how can it be relayed to help their long-term goals.   

#Fun – this business has dedicated time to listen to you and go over your accomplishments, so enjoy it.  

by Dane Flanigan

ultraHealth Agency

Healthcare Travel Contracts Questions

One of the reasons I became involved in the medical staffing industry was to lead a better brand of recruiting services. One of the issues I have heard about consistently is the discrepancy in the advertisement of pay to a medical worker compared to they receive in their actual paychecks.

Not to call into question the actions of other agencies, I would like to share how healthcare professionals looking for contract work can ask pertinent questions about their assignment before they even start. Some assignments have quick starts, where the credentialing process is shortened; but this does not mean that the interview process should be rushed. There are good questions to ask not only to the recruiter but also the hiring manager.

Guaranteed Hours – How many hours a week are scheduled in the contract? The posting may indicate outrageous pay, but how does that relate to each week. An understanding of the total amount of hours is clearly needed.

Guaranteed Contracts – Most contracts are 13 weeks, but some are guaranteed for a shorter length of time. This is especially pertinent as we go from winter into spring and the weather and overall health conditions improve. The contractor may not be needed for the entire 13 weeks and may only get a 7-week guarantee. In short, the facility may only guarantee the shorter time length.

Holiday Pay – Not all holidays are paid. There should be defined days in the contract for pay and which specific hours.

On Call Requirements – Some facilities require that contracted travelers work on call. This is something that should be asked, especially if you are planning to be at home or away from the area on other days.

Overtime Hours – In some cases, recruiters will combine overtime hours with pay in their advertising. Overtime may be needed for certain weeks; but again, they are needed for the entire length of the contract.

Reimbursements – This should also be outlined in the contract and when they will be paid. For example, some remote hospitals will offer a perk that housing will be provided. It may be a hotel or an apartment. In every case, the candidate should ask who is paying for the housing upfront and if there are any out of pocket expenses (like parking or cleaning ) to pay for.

These questions can clear up critical things about the assignment and prevent frustration over the first paycheck. It is also good to set expectations in the beginning; that way you understand the role, term, pay, hours, and if anything else is needed regarding the job.

I want to be a trusted resource for traveling healthcare workers, so if there are questions, please feel free to call.

Dane Flanigan