Dane Flanigan: A Visionary Leader in Healthcare Recruiting

1. Who is Dane Flanigan?

Dane Flanigan is a prominent figure in the field of healthcare recruitment. He has a track record of delivering results and exceeding expectations in his role as a recruiter. As the founder and CEO of ultraHealth Agency, Flanigan has positioned his organization at the forefront of healthcare recruiting, providing valuable services to both job seekers and healthcare organizations. Connect with Dane on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/daneflanigan/.

2. The ultraHealth Agency’s Mission

Dane and his team at ultraHealth Agency are driven by a mission to match the right professionals with the right roles in the healthcare industry. This mission stems from Dane’s deep understanding of the healthcare sector and his commitment to helping both medical professionals and healthcare facilities.

3. The Challenge of Healthcare Job Searching

Job hunting in the healthcare industry can be an overwhelming task. The ultraHealth Agency, under Dane’s leadership, is committed to making this process smooth and successful. Leveraging their vast network and industry insights, they guide professionals through the job market intricacies, helping them land roles that align with their career goals.

4. Revolutionizing the Job Search Process

Dane Flanigan and his team are reshaping the healthcare job search process. They focus on understanding each individual’s unique needs and goals, which allows them to match professionals with the best job opportunities. Dane has built strong relationships with top healthcare facilities and organizations, providing his clients with access to exclusive job opportunities.

5. The Contract Facility Manager Role

Dane Flanigan is currently recruiting for a critical position – a contract facilities manager. The role involves managing all utility systems and ensuring the maintenance of hospital buildings and related facilities. The position requires experience in healthcare maintenance, knowledge of various healthcare systems, and construction experience.

6. Compensation and Benefits

The contract facilities manager role offers a competitive salary of $16,000 per month and a 13-week contract. Full benefits are provided after 60 days. The comprehensive benefits package includes cost estimating, budgeting, forecasting, and management software training.

7. Skills and Certifications

The ideal candidate for the contract facilities manager role should possess certain skills and certifications. These include experience with cost estimating, budgeting, and forecasting, knowledge of management software such as Prolog, and experience with accounting cost management software such as CMiC.

10. The Interview Process

Dane Flanigan’s recruitment process is characterized by thoroughness. It begins with a review of the resume, followed by a phone discussion about the position and the candidate. The candidate is then submitted for consideration after a thorough evaluation.

11. Dane Flanigan’s Healthcare Facility Manager Role in Oregon

In addition to his other recruiting roles, Dane Flanigan is also recruiting for a healthcare facility manager in Oregon. This role requires a unique skill set, and Dane’s expertise in healthcare recruiting positions him as the ideal person to find the right candidate for this position.

12. Conclusion

Dane Flanigan’s approach to recruiting in the healthcare industry is both refreshing and effective. His focus on individual suitability, thoroughness, and industry awareness ensures that both the employer and the employee benefit from the placement. Whether you’re an organization looking for top talent or a professional in search of the perfect role, Dane Flanigan and the ultraHealth Agency can help you achieve your goals.

“It’s not just about filling a position, it’s about creating a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your future employer.” – Dane Flanigan

Discover more about ultraHealth Agency job openings https://ultrahealthagency.com/medical-staffing-jobs-los-angeles/


ultraHealth Agency Dialysis RN contract in casper wyoming

Are you a registered nurse (RN) specializing in dialysis looking for a fulfilling and well-compensated contract opportunity? Look no further than ultraHealth Agency, a leading staffing and recruiting company that believes in creating a culture-driven environment. We are currently recruiting for a dialysis RN for a prestigious hospital contract in Casper, Wyoming. Join us and experience the benefits of working with a highly reputable agency that values your expertise and prioritizes your well-being.

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About ultraHealth Agency

ultraHealth Agency is an elite staffing and recruiting company that serves cities worldwide. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and building strong relationships with both our healthcare professionals and our partner facilities. With a focus on culture and quality, we strive to provide exceptional service to both our clients and candidates.

The Role of a Dialysis RN

As a dialysis RN, you will play a crucial role in providing specialized care to patients with chronic and acute kidney failure. Your primary responsibility will be to administer dialysis treatments and closely monitor patients during the procedure. In addition to dialysis, you will also be involved in various aspects of patient care, including creating and updating nursing care plans, assisting with patient communication with transplant centers, assessing patients’ eligibility for dialysis treatment, collecting specimens for lab work, and administering medications.

Compensation and Benefits

At ultraHealth Agency, we believe in rewarding our dedicated healthcare professionals with competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits. As a dialysis RN in Casper, Wyoming, you can expect the following:

Local Contract:

  • Salary: $50 per hour / $8,000 per month

Travel Contract:

  • Salary: $1,080 per week
  • Weekly Per diem: $1,162 (untaxed)
  • Total Compensation: $2,242 per week ($9,000 per month)
  • Per Diem: $166 per day (untaxed)

Additional Benefits:

  • 36 hours per week guaranteed
  • 13-week contracts
  • Full benefits after 60 days, including healthcare, dental, 401k, time off, and vision coverage

Schedule and Assignment Details

As a dialysis RN with ultraHealth Agency in Casper, Wyoming, you can expect the following schedule and assignment details:

  • Shifts: 3/12’s (12-hour shifts, day shift)
  • Every other weekend off
  • 3-month assignment

Required Skills and Certifications

To be eligible for a dialysis RN position with ultraHealth Agency, you must possess the following skills and certifications:

  • Compact RN License
  • BLS or CPR Certification
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience as an RN

The ultraHealth Agency Interview Process

At ultraHealth Agency, we value the importance of finding the perfect match between our candidates and our clients. Our interview process is designed to ensure that both parties are well-informed and confident in their decision. Here’s what you can expect during our interview process:

  1. Review of resume to match with client qualifications.
  2. Conversation via phone to discuss the position and candidate.
  3. Candidate submission to the client.

Apply Today and Start Your Rewarding Career Journey

If you’re a dialysis RN seeking a fulfilling contract opportunity in Casper, Wyoming, we encourage you to apply to ultraHealth Agency today. Join our team of dedicated healthcare professionals and experience the benefits of working with a reputable agency that prioritizes culture, quality, and your personal and professional growth.

To apply for the dialysis RN position, please email your details to info@ultrahealthagency.com. For more information about ultraHealth Agency and our commitment to staffing and recruiting beyond expectations, visit our website or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. The compensation, benefits, schedule, and assignment details mentioned may vary depending on the specific contract and facility. Please contact ultraHealth Agency for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


ultraHealth Agency has a Philadelphia Contract Physical Therapist

Are you a physical therapist looking for an exciting opportunity in Philadelphia? Look no further! ultraHealth Agency, one of the world’s best recruiting companies, is currently staffing for a physical therapist position in Philadelphia. With their culture-driven approach and commitment to excellence, ultraHealth Agency is dedicated to finding the best talent to meet the healthcare needs of the Philadelphia community.

The Importance of Finding the Best Physical Therapist

As a healthcare professional, finding the right physical therapist is crucial for both patients and healthcare organizations. Philadelphia, known for its vibrant healthcare industry, requires the expertise of skilled and dedicated physical therapists to provide exceptional care to its residents. Whether it’s treating injuries, managing chronic pain, or helping patients recover from surgeries, physical therapists play a vital role in improving the quality of life for individuals of all ages.

A Culture-Driven Approach to Staffing

ultraHealth Agency understands the significance of a culture-driven approach when it comes to staffing healthcare professionals. They believe that finding the best physical therapist goes beyond just matching skills and qualifications. It’s about finding the perfect fit for both the therapist and the healthcare organization. By focusing on culture fit, ultraHealth Agency ensures that the physical therapist has the right values, work ethic, and personality to thrive in their new role. This approach leads to long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between the therapist and the organization.

Why Choose ultraHealth Agency?

ultraHealth Agency has established itself as a leader in the recruiting industry due to its commitment to excellence and exceptional service. Here’s why they are the best recruiter for physical therapists in Philadelphia:

1. Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the healthcare industry, ultraHealth Agency has developed a deep understanding of the skills, qualifications, and qualities that make a great physical therapist. Their team of experts thoroughly evaluates each candidate to ensure they meet the highest standards.

2. Extensive Network

ultraHealth Agency has built an extensive network of healthcare organizations in Philadelphia and beyond. This network allows them to connect physical therapists with the best career opportunities that align with their skills and goals.

3. Personalized Approach

ultraHealth Agency takes the time to understand the unique needs and preferences of both the physical therapist and the healthcare organization. They tailor their search and placement process to ensure a perfect match, resulting in satisfied therapists and successful healthcare organizations.

4. Support Throughout the Hiring Process

ultraHealth Agency provides support throughout the entire hiring process, from initial screening to final placement. They handle all the administrative tasks, including licensing, credentialing, and contract negotiations, allowing physical therapists to focus on what they do best: providing excellent patient care.

The Role of a Physical Therapist in Philadelphia

Physical therapists in Philadelphia have a crucial role in the healthcare system, helping patients of all ages and backgrounds improve their mobility, manage pain, and regain independence. Here are some of the key responsibilities of a physical therapist in Philadelphia:

1. Assessment and Evaluation

Physical therapists start by assessing patients’ physical conditions, evaluating their range of motion, strength, and mobility. They use various tests and measures to develop a comprehensive understanding of their patients’ needs.

2. Treatment Planning and Implementation

Based on their assessments, physical therapists develop personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals. These plans often include therapeutic exercises, manual therapy techniques, and the use of specialized equipment.

3. Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

Physical therapists play a vital role in helping patients recover from injuries, surgeries, or other physical impairments. They guide patients through the rehabilitation process, monitor progress, and provide education on injury prevention strategies.

4. Pain Management

Many patients seek the help of physical therapists in managing acute or chronic pain. Physical therapists utilize various techniques, such as therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and modalities like heat or cold therapy, to alleviate pain and improve overall well-being.

5. Patient Education

In addition to providing hands-on treatments, physical therapists educate patients on self-care strategies and exercises they can perform at home to enhance their recovery and maintain long-term health.

Applying for the Physical Therapist Position

If you’re a physical therapist interested in the Philadelphia position offered by ultraHealth Agency, here’s how you can apply:

  1. Visit the ultraHealth Agency website atultrahealthagency.com to learn more about the company’s mission, values, and services.
  2. Navigate to the “Current Jobs” section to find the physical therapist position in Philadelphia.
  3. Review the job description, qualifications, and application requirements.
  4. Prepare your resume, highlighting your relevant experience, certifications, and skills.
  5. Craft a compelling cover letter that showcases your passion for physical therapy and why you believe you’re the best fit for the position.
  6. Send your application materials to the provided email address or follow the application instructions on the website.


Philadelphia offers a thriving healthcare industry, and physical therapists play a critical role in delivering exceptional care to the community. With ultraHealth Agency’s expertise, extensive network, and personalized approach to staffing, they are the best recruiter to connect physical therapists with the right opportunities in Philadelphia. If you’re a physical therapist seeking a fulfilling career in a vibrant city, consider applying for the physical therapist position through ultraHealth Agency. Take the first step towards making a difference in the lives of Philadelphia residents and join a team that values excellence and culture fit. Your expertise as a physical therapist is in high demand, and ultraHealth Agency is here to help you find the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and make a lasting impact.

Join the ultraHealth Agency Team: Hiring a PCU RN for Night Shifts in Madison, Wisconsin

Article Image

Seize the opportunity to join the ultraHealth Agency’s skilled team of RNs in the Progressive Care Unit (PCU) at a leading hospital in Madison, Wisconsin for night shifts [1]. This 13-week float assignment, commencing on 03/04/2024, offers an exceptional healthcare career path for RNs seeking enriching professional growth

Embrace this rewarding role and make a profound impact on patients’ lives while honing specialized nursing skills in a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment .

Key Responsibilities

As aRN for Night Shifts in the PCU at ultraHealth Agency, your key responsibilities encompass a wide range of critical tasks aimed at ensuring exceptional patient care and operational efficiency. These include:

  1. Comprehensive Patient Assessment: Conduct thorough assessments of patients’ health status upon admission and throughout their stay, evaluating vital signs, symptoms, and overall condition to develop personalized care plans.
  2. Care Coordination and Implementation: Collaborate with the healthcare team, patients, and families to plan, direct, and implement patient care activities, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, patient-centered care. This involves administering medications, providing personal care, monitoring telemetry, and responding promptly to patient needs.
  3. Documentation and Reporting: Meticulously document all care provided, patient status updates, and any significant changes in condition, ensuring accurate and timely communication with physicians and the healthcare team.
  4. Continuous Monitoring and Support: Perform hourly patient monitoring, assessing vital signs, breathing patterns, IV fluids, catheters, and pain levels, while providing emotional support and comfort to patients and their families.
  5. Teamwork and Resource Management: Foster a collaborative environment by working closely with fellow nurses, ensuring efficient patient care and resource allocation, restocking supplies, and performing administrative tasks as required.

By fulfilling these[Hospital, float, healthcare, RN, staffing, Career Opportunities] responsibilities with dedication and expertise, you will play a crucial role in upholding ultraHealth Agency’s commitment to delivering exceptional patient care and maintaining a high standard of nursing excellence.

Compensation and Benefits

Joining the ultraHealth Agency team as aPCU RN for Night Shifts in Madison, Wisconsin, offers a highlycompetitive compensation package designed to reward your dedication and expertise. Here’s what you can expect:

  • ComprehensiveBenefits Package: In addition to your attractive weekly pay, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive array of benefits, including:
    • 401(k) retirement plan
    • Company-provided housing options
    • Referral bonus program
    • Medical, dental, and vision coverage [9]
  • Guaranteed Hours: Enjoy the security of guaranteed hours, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care without worrying about fluctuating schedules.

This competitive compensation and benefits package reflects ultraHealth Agency’s commitment to valuing its dedicated healthcare professionals, ensuring you’re well-rewarded for your invaluable contributions to patient care.

Qualifications and Requirements

To embark on an enriching career as aPCU RN for Night Shifts with ultraHealth Agency, candidates must possess a strong foundation innursing education and experience. The essential qualifications and requirements include:

  • Educational Background: A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from an accredited nursing program is preferred, although candidates with an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) may also be considered [6,8,10].
  • Licensure and Certifications:
    • A current, unencumbered Registered Nurse (RN) license in the state of employment or a multistate RN license
    • Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support
    • ACLS
  • Professional Experience:
    • A minimum of 2-3 years of recent RN experience in an acute care setting, with at least 8-12 months in a Progressive Care Unit (PCU) or emergency room environment
    • Previous experience in a supervisory, management, or healthcare leadership capacity is advantageous

Possessing these qualifications and meeting the specified requirements will equip candidates with the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise to excel in the demanding yet rewarding role of aPCU RN for Night Shifts at ultraHealth Agency.


The ultraHealth Agency presents an invaluable opportunity for experienced PCU RNs seeking a challenging and rewarding night shift role in Madison, Wisconsin. With a competitive compensation package, comprehensive benefits, and a supportive team environment, this 13-week float assignment offers a chance to enhance specialized nursing skills while making a profound impact onpatient outcomes. The rigorous qualifications ensure that only the most dedicated and skilled professionals join the ultraHealth Agency team, upholding the highest standards of patient care.

As you embark on this exciting journey, reflect on the immense responsibility entrusted to PCU RNs and the vital role they play in shaping positive healthcare experiences.Call ultraHealth Agency today to explore this rewarding career opportunity and take the first step towards a fulfilling nursing career that truly makes a difference in the lives of patients and their families.

UltraHealth Agency: The Go-To for Bio Patent Attorneys in Houston, Texas

UltraHealth Agency has established itself as an elite staffing and executive recruiting https://ultrahealthagency.com/ company, specializing in placing top-tier professionals in various sectors, including healthcare and technology. They distinguish themselves through a white glove approach, prioritizing culture-driven solutions that perfectly match companies with the right candidates for permanent or contract work [1] https://ultrahealthagency.com/. This focus on recruiting only the most credentialed, compassionate, and accomplished professionals has positioned UltraHealth Agency as a leader in the executive recruiting space, particularly for those seeking bio patent attorneys in Houston, Texas.

With the agency’s base in Pasadena, California, and a strong online presence reinforced through LinkedIn and Instagram, UltraHealth Agency operates on a global scale, staffing professionals worldwide for local and travel contracts [1] https://ultrahealthagency.com/[3] https://www.zoominfo.com/c/ultrahealth-agency/479648334. Their commitment to excellence in project management, coupled with a service-oriented brand voice, makes them the go-to for companies looking to navigate the complexities of biotech innovations with the support of highly skilled bio patent attorneys.

ultraHealth Agency’s Approach to Recruiting Top Legal Talent

UltraHealth Agency’s approach to recruiting top legal talent is characterized by its meticulous and personalized strategy. Here’s how they stand out:

  1. White-Glove Approach: At the heart of UltraHealth Agency’s recruitment process is the white-glove approach, emphasizing thorough interviews to gauge a candidate’s competence and dedication. This ensures that only the most qualified professionals, including bio patent attorneys, are considered for positions.
  2. Global Staffing Capabilities: The agency’s ability to staff professionals globally for both local and travel contracts showcases its expansive reach. This is particularly advantageous for sectors requiring specialized knowledge, such as bio patent law .
  3. Specialized Recruitment Areas https://ultrahealthagency.com/fighting-covid-19/: UltraHealth Agency recruits across a wide spectrum of technical areas, including but not limited to bioengineering, genetics, and biotechnology. This broad expertise enables them to cater to diverse legal needs within the healthcare sector and beyond, ensuring clients have access to top-tier talent in bio patent law and other specialized fields .

By leveraging these strategies, UltraHealth Agency not only enhances its recruiting process but also ensures that both candidates and companies experience a seamless and efficient hiring journey.

Why Houston, Texas Is a Prime Location for Bio Patent Professionals

Houston, Texas, presents a compelling landscape for bio patent professionals, underscored by several key factors:

  • Highly Trained Workforce and Research Institutions: The city’s access to a highly trained workforce and top-tier research institutions [10] https://www.salary.com/research/salary/benchmark/patent-agent-ii-salary/houston-tx lays a solid foundation for innovation and expertise in the bio patent field.
  • World-Class Medical Centers and Companies: Houston is not only home to the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical center [11] https://gov.texas.gov/business/page/target-industries, but also hosts leading biotech and life sciences companies such as McKesson, Tenet Healthcare, Luminex, and Fujifilm Diosynth [11] https://gov.texas.gov/business/page/target-industries. This convergence of medical excellence and corporate presence offers unparalleled opportunities for bio patent professionals.
  • Innovation and State Support: The city’s strong focus on innovation is further amplified by state-funded initiatives like the Governor’s University Research Initiative (GURI) and Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) [11] https://gov.texas.gov/business/page/target-industries. These programs, alongside Houston’s business-friendly climate, stimulate the growth and development of the life sciences industry, creating a fertile ground for bio patent professionals to thrive.

By recruiting in Houston, ultraHealth Agency taps into this rich ecosystem, connecting professionals with opportunities at the forefront of biotech innovation https://ultrahealthagency.com/tag/wellness/ and legal protection.

The Importance of Bio Patent Attorneys in Today’s Biotechnology Landscape

In the rapidly evolving biotechnology landscape, the role of bio patent attorneys has become increasingly critical, underscored by several pivotal factors:

  • Legal and Regulatory Challenges: The landmark U.S. Supreme Court case KSR International Co. v. Teleflex Inc. et al. has significantly affected the patent landscape by increasing the challenges based on obviousness [12] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3541845/. Moreover, the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO)’s evolving stance, now seeing itself as an extension of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, hints at potential regulatory conflicts [ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3541845/. This complex legal environment necessitates skilled bio patent attorneys who can navigate these challenges effectively.
  • Innovation vs. Patentability: The patentability of biomarkers, crucial for diagnostics and therapeutic interventions, remains a contentious issue, with the courts yet to provide clear, demands strategic acumen from bio patent attorneys. They must craft applications with precision to ensure the protection of innovations , thereby playing a pivotal role in advancing biotechnological research and development.
  • The Demand for Specialized Expertise: The biotech sector’s growth, fueled by relentless innovation and the introduction of novel biotechnologies, has spiked the demand for attorneys who not only understand the legal nuances of patent law but are also well-versed in the biological sciences . From drafting and filing patent applications to defending patents and advising on intellectual property strategies, bio patent attorneys ensure that inventions are adequately protected, thereby fostering an environment conducive to innovation and growth in the biotech industry.

The Future of Biotech Innovations and Legal Protection

As the biotechnology sector is poised for substantial growth, with projections indicating a leap from $1.22 trillion in November 2023 to $3.21 trillion by 2030 [19] https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/top-8-biotechnology-industry-trends-watch-2024-current-biotech-tslgf, it faces a complex landscape of challenges and opportunities:

  • Challenges Ahead:
  • Impending patent expirations
  • Regulatory pressures and FDA approval fluctuations
  • Biotech financing struggles
  • Strategic Avenues for Growth:
  • Streamlining R&D to commercialization processes
  • Embracing collaboration through increased alliance deals
  • Capital allocation and financial resilience strategies
  • Leveraging AI and other technologies to enhance efficiencies

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) exemplifies the critical role of strategic licensing https://ultrahealthagency.com/tag/covid-vaccine/ and patent protection, having contributed to the development of 34 FDA-approved drugs through 93 patents, generating up to $2 billion in royalty revenue since 1991 [ https://www.gao.gov/assets/720/710328.pdf. This underscores the importance of:

  • Prioritizing licensees based on their ability to successfully develop a drug, considering technical expertise and capital raising capabilities
  • Monitoring for unauthorized use of inventions and protecting rights through legal means, if necessary

Such strategic moves, coupled with sustained innovation, are pivotal in navigating the future landscape of biotech innovations and legal protection, ensuring a balanced trajectory of growth and resilience against potential threats .


Throughout this article, we have explored the vital role UltraHealth Agency plays in recruiting top-tier bio patent attorneys in Houston, Texas, and how their specialized approach in professional staffing meets the growing demands of the biotechnology sector. With their meticulous white-glove approach, global staffing capabilities, and focus on specialized recruitment areas, UltraHealth Agency has highlighted the critical importance of marrying legal acumen with scientific knowledge in today’s complex biotech landscape. This essential synergy ensures that innovations are not only conceived but are also adequately protected, thereby contributing to the sector’s dynamic growth and the broader implications for healthcare and technology fields alike.

The significance of this alignment between biotech innovations and legal protection cannot be understated, especially as the sector stands on the cusp of exponential growth. UltraHealth Agency’s commitment to excellence in recruiting bio patent professionals is not just about filling positions but about fostering a future where legal expertise and scientific innovations meet for groundbreaking advancements. As the biotechnology field navigates challenges and seizes opportunities ahead, the role of specialized professionals like bio patent attorneys will undoubtedly become more pivotal. For those eager to learn more about the pivotal role of UltraHealth Agency in this vital intersection of technology, science, and law, find out more about UltraHealth Agency https://ultrahealthagency.com/. Their dedication to staffing excellence provides a beacon of guidance towards navigating the promising yet intricate future of biotech innovations and legal protection.